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Water Foam

So, you found me! 

If you are reading this, it is because you scanned a QR code on an axolotl container in a pet store. As the breeders of the axolotl you see, we wanted you to know about the axolotl in your hand!

This axolotl was hatched in Fountain, Colorado. It has been kept at temperatures no higher than 63 degrees. Your axolotl has had at least two generations of hereditary diversity. Due to the size of our operation no more than 30 axolotls are raised at a time, and kept no more than 10 in a container with an average of 7 in a container with twice daily feedings and daily 100% water changes. 

What does this axolotl need? It needs 20 gallons of space plus 10 gallons for each additional axolotl. The water needs to be cycled like every other aquatic animal, and you can talk to the pet store about the best way to do that. In the meantime, Your axolotl can be kept in a container big enough to turn around in with daily water changes indefinitely. Captive axolotls live in the 8-15 year range, so we hope your friend brings you years and years of joy.





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