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The Nursery

It doesn't look like much - but it's a great home for an Axolotl

Axolotls have given so much to the human race. In more ancient times they gave people a connection to their Gods. For years now they have been the focus of scientific study, their regenerative qualities making them prime subjects for experimentations. Our current Axolotls are pets and not fit for breeding yet. That said we have set up a comfortable space to collect eggs from responsible, amazing breeders and raise them in our home. 


Is that a closet?

Yes, it's my closet. 

Initially a space for growing plants the closet has been redesigned to store the 2 quart vessels where the Axolotls live. After they hatch they are kept in sets of five until the begin to grow the stubs that will soon be limbs. After that they are split into pairs until they are big enough to go into their individual containers. Living in Colorado has many perks. One of them is that the closet stays very cool, so the Axolotls are not in a particular hurry to hatch, and they remain pretty comfortable. The containers are opaque so that the little ones can stay in the cozy dark. The closet wall has been removed, so they have sunlight exposure from the balcony windows as well as the lighting seen in the picture for picture days, water changes and feedings. 


The axolotls have been eating brine shrimp hatched on site. Once they got larger we moved them from brine shrimp to red wigglers. our worm composter is very established so when Arya goes to pick out the meals for our grown axolotls she picks or teeny tiny babies that separate from the soil and gives them to me to feed our friends.

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