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Return Policy 

Please read the policies below to completion before purchasing your axolotl. Click below to send an email to in the event of any questions or if you feel you need to do a return but it doesn't fit in the parameters below. 

Returns / exchanges

Axolotls are living, beautiful creatures and the main goal of our company is your 100% satisfaction and the Axolotls' 100% health. If we fall short in either category we humbly apologize and will do everything in our power to make it right. 

Wrong Axolotl

Each axolotl is individually numbered, photographed, and displayed to ensure you get the axolotl you want. We take extreme care in our process to provide you axolotls with the best health possible. If you get the axolotl and you think it is not the axolotl pictures please remember that the axolotls are babies and grow so fast! That means changes in opacity, pattern, and shade. However, if we mail you an albino and you ask for a wild, that is on us. Send a picture the day your shipment is meant to arrive and we will discuss how to best move forward. 

Dead on Arrival 

Please see the shipping information page to recognize the care taken to make sure this does not happen. If you  a dead axolotl please take pictures immediately. Move the axolotl to a tub with the included water and give it some time, the travel is shocking and they can lose color and consciousness. Send the pictures and if everything is in order we will send you another axolotl but you will have to pay for the second shipping. 

OMG I can't handle this pet.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you cannot care for your animal, and even more love to let it go. If you are finding an axolotl to be too much for your family please send me an email and we will assist with the rehoming process. 

Sick or malformed axolotl. 

We make the best effort to receive our eggs from established axolotl breeders. We do not refund or exchange if in the future your axolotl develops a defect. However, we do keep track of the lineage of our axolotls, so if an untimely event occurs please let us know so we can notate it on that clutch. 

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