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SHipping Information

Axolotls are illegal in 4 states in the United States. As a result, we

DO NOT SHIP to Maine, New Jersey, California, or Washington DC.  

Shipments start on Tuesday

First, your axolotl will fast so they emit as little ammonia as possible during the trip. If the weather is good, they will be shipped two day. If the weather is over 68 degrees in Colorado they will be shipped overnight. You will incur that extra expense. 


Your Axolotl will be shipped wit a live animal sticker, insulation, and ice packs. The cold slows your axolotl's metabolism to make them sleepy and to reduce stress during the trip. The travel bags are filled with plenty of oxygen for the trip. 


In a perfect world, I would be able to give you an amount and nothing would ever change, but that is not the case.  If during the process the shipping cost exceeds the window of our standard shipping you will be notified and you can choose to pay the extra expense or refund the axolotl. 

Before the Trip

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The trip


You will be sent the departure date and time, tracking code, and the expected arrival date via email.


You are responsible for having a person present to collect to package on time. Open the package immediately, empty the axolotl and the water contents into a tub, and take pictures if anything is not correct. 

Imediate Care

Feed the axolotl upon arrival, it's going to be hungy but may not accept food immediately due to stress. Keep the axolotl in a glass or plastic clean container until it eats so you can keep an  eye on them. 

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