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Seeking new waters

Welcome to our axolotl page! Here you will find our babies that are ready for their forever home! A few words:

     1) Please see the care guide to ensure you have a habitat ready for an axolotl. OR you're prepared to give the axolotl daily water changes until the habitat is ready. 

     2) Your axolotl's gender will not be visible until 18 months of age. The names and genders given to your axolotl in the nursery are for identification only and are not reflective of any true gender. 

     3) At Extralotl LLC we do not believe in a boring axolotl. We group our babies by clutch and not by morph, but their morph information is available to best that they can be typed being so little. 


Clutch 2 - Star Wars 

This Clutch was bred by Eastern Axolotls. The mother is Carlita, a sweet Melanoid and the father is Noodle, the golden albino. This is a clutch of wilds and golden albinos with a couple of outliers. Hets available upon request. These guys are going to make great pets!

This clutch is obviously representative of the efforts to re-diversify the axolotl community! This clutch hatched half-wild and half-melanoid with a beautiful variety of colors. 

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