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What you need for an axolotl
(and what you will want)

The Filter

The filter should be sized for twice the volume of the tank. (Axolotls poop a lot). Hang on the back filters are less expensive, canister filters are more reliable. 

The Tank

20 Gallons for the first axolotl 10 additional gallons for each one after. the longer tanks are better as axolotls travel left and right more than up and down (as a trend, not a rule.) 

Chiller (?)

Axolotls are happiest in the low 60s. Where you live and how you keep your house will determine if a chiller is necessary. Frozen water bottles and fans are another way to go. A chiller provides a nice, level water temperature but they are expensive.

The Substrate


A Hide

It is not only fun to decorate your tank, but it is also necessary for your axolotl to have a place to have some "me" time.


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